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Toronto, ON, Canada


Natkunam, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Mental Skills Coach, Sececa College; Mental Skills Coach, Premiere Soccer Institute



Tharsheka is passionate about assisting individuals attain optimal mental and physical health through individual counselling and structured programming. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in sports psychology. Through her Masters she studied and applied principles of sports psychology, focusing on various areas of mental performance in sports, physical activity, health, and employment.

Tharsheka currently works as the Mental Skills Coach for Seneca College's Varsity teams and the Premiere Soccer Institute in Barrie. Tharsheka has worked with various organizations in her consulting capacity, such as the YMCA-YWCA, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Downsize Fitness Center, and Carleton University’s Ravens Hockey camp. Tharsheka has a strong passion for positive youth development and currently works at the YMCA of the Greater Toronto Area where she assists at risk youth find work through employment counselling and life skills workshops.


Additional Training:

Mental Health First Aid – Canadian Mental Health Commission of Canada; Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction – Canadian Training Institute Negotiating with Employers – Canadian Training Institute; Defusing Anger, Resistance and Hostility – Canadian Training Institute.




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