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Professional Liability Insurance

CSPA has partnered with Mitchell & Abbott to provide a liability insurance program for current CSPA member CMPCs residing in Canada. Please note that candidates who are on track to get their certification will not be eligible for individual coverage until they are fully certified. CMPCs who are not professional members of CSPA will not be eligible for this insurance program.


Why Should CMPCs Have Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance is mandated by many sport organizations/contexts in Canada. It is the best way for you as a CMPC® to protect your career and personal assets. Professional liability insurance will protect you from liability should any claims be made by clients or organizations to whom you are providing services. Being insured provides an essential layer of protection. 


Liability insurance is renewed each year on November 1st.  

Code of Ethics

CMPC® who are professional members of the CSPA-ACPS Certified Mental Performance Consultants will abide by two codes of conduct: (1) CSPA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards,  and (2) the AASP Code of Ethics. Professional CSPA members are required to sign attestation to follow CSPA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards upon obtaining membership. Applicants for the CMPC® cCertification are required to sign attestation to follow the AASP Code of Ethics. 


CSPA Ethical Principles and Standards (EN) (FR)

ASSP Ethical Principles and Standards

Étapes vers la certification

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