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Vancouver, BC, Canada


Wilson, MA

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Dani holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from The University of British Columbia. Her Master’s Thesis Manuscript, which explores self-compassion and mental toughness in elite women athletes, was recently published in the journal: Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Aside from research, Dani runs her own business working as an MPC with a variety of teams and individual sport athletes. She has worked with several Olympic and World Championship level athletes, varsity teams such as, UBC Women’s Golf, Rugby and Soccer, Douglas College Men’s and Women’s Basketball and most recently has taken on a mentorship role as MPC for Team BC at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. She uses a humanistic, strengths-based approach to her consulting, drawing on her strong theoretical knowledge base, experiences as an athlete herself and now, her own research. Reflecting on her experiences playing varsity soccer and basketball, mental skills training was sparsely offered. Dani believes that when delivered in a systematic and consistent way that promotes practice, patience and persistence, mental skills have the potential to improve performance and overall well-being. The opportunity to offer this sort of potential to aspiring athletes is the driving force behind Dani’s passion for sport psychology.


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