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Victoria, BC, Canada


Pinel, PhD

Professional Affiliations:

Mental Performance Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific; Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria; Mental Performance Consultant, CBI Health Group; Advisory Committee Member - Game Plan, joint COC & CPC program; Advisory Committee Member - Athlete Wellness Program, BCWSA



Dr. Pinel has worked as a mental performance consultant in elite sport for over 20 years and has been part of Canadian teams at a variety of major events, including Beijing 2008, Delhi 2010 (Commonwealth Games), Guadalajara 2011 (Pan Am Games), London 2012, and Toronto 2015 (Pan Am Games), as well as numerous World Championships and other international events. Dr. Pinel has a strong background working in areas involving mental preparation routines, team dynamics, injury management (mental performance perspective), performing under pressure, high-performance lifestyle routines, and athlete wellness. In addition, Dr. Pinel has a proven record of working collaboratively with other sport science and health care providers towards achieving team and individual goals. Over 450 times, athletes who have worked with Dr. Pinel have had the pleasure of standing on the podium to receive a medal at major international events.

Dr. Pinel also has over 15 years experience of being part of successful multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation teams for over 3000 clients (work-related, MVA, and other sources), bringing a very pragmatic and positive approach to assist those dealing with the challenges of injury in terms of work, family, social, hobbies, lifestyle, and activities of daily living.


Additional Training:

Mental Health First Aid - Accredited




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