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Gatineau, QC, Canada


Parent, MA

Professional Affiliations:

Certified Canadian Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association



Her consulting philosophy is athlete-centered and focuses on the whole human experience as well as looking at the role of emotions within the sport. Her mission is to help athletes, coaches and teams to have a positive growing life and sport experiences. Her interest is based on diverse sport experiences as well a personal commitment to mental and physical well-being. Mental skills can improve athletic performance and quality of life by bringing the individuals or teams to discover what is best within themselves for their sport or life, unlocking their full potential. She has worked with a wide variety of athletes of various disciplines, ages and levels of competition. She also delivers workshops on the topics of sport psychology.

“You first must be in control of yourself before you can control your performance” - Sports Psychologist Kenneth Ravizza Areas of Expertise: goal setting; mental imagery; relaxation; team building; dealing w/ setbacks; time management; concentration; refocus; confidence building; stress/anxiety management; life balance; communication skills; improving recovery and injury rehabilitation; emotional management that leads to performance enhancement and positive personal development


Additional Training:



English, French

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