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Québec, QC, Canada


Carrière, PhD(c)

Professional Affiliations:

Excellence Sportive Québec-Lévis, Clinique du Peps (Université Laval)



Roxane Carrière is currently a PhD Candidate at Laval University specializing in Sport Psychology where she collaborates on innovative research focusing on the positive development of student-athletes. More specifically, she contributed to establishment of a life skills training program designed for stakeholders working in the school sport context under the supervision of leading researchers in the field. She previously completed her Master’s degree in Physical Activity at the University of Montreal (2016) where she explored the development of tactical creativity in team sports and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at McGill University (2012). 

As a mental performance consultant for various bodies including the Center for Sport Québec-Lévis and the Clinique du Peps at Laval University, Roxane works with athletes, and sports teams competing at all levels. Her objective is to enhance the performance of athletes through mental skills training (e.g., goal setting, performance anxiety, concentration) and to ensure their psychological well-being to spur positive experiences through sport. Although home-based in Quebec City, Roxane regularly works in the Montreal area where she started her career in mental performance in 2015.


Additional Training:



English, French

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