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Kingston, ON, Canada


Poirier, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Founder, Balanced Performance; Mental Performance Consultant, Focus Personal Fitness Studio; Mental Performance Consultant, Shooting Federation of Canada



Jocelyn completed a dual degree in Physical and Health Education, and Psychology at Queen's University where she competed in both varsity track and rugby, while also competing internationally in rugby. She then obtained her MHK with a concentration in Intervention and Consultation at the University of Ottawa. She combined her academic background with her experiences as an elite athlete and coach, and her interest in performance psychology, leadership, and mental health to begin her career as a Mental Performance Consultant.

Jocelyn has worked with individuals and teams from diverse backgrounds and ranging in age from children to seniors. She applies a person-centred approach to consulting, empowering clients to reach their goals through a positive, collaborative, holistic, and intentional counselling style. Her goal is to create a respectful and non-judgmental space in which honesty, authenticity, creativity, and discovery can flourish. She is a strong advocate for healthy active lifestyles, with a focus on mental health, and strives to help her clients reach their potential for mental and physical health and well-being, so that they can achieve success in their performance venues and in life.


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