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Burlington, ON, Canada


Patterson, PhD

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Inner Potential



An accomplished performance coach, educator, and published author, Michelle provides expertise in leadership development, team dynamics, emotional intelligence, sport psychology, and personal effectiveness.

She has over 18 years experience working with individuals and teams in achieving their full potential through the use of self-discovery, mental skills, and behavioral strategies. In particular, she has consulted with athletes ranging from the recreational to elite level assisting them with psychological strategies to enhance their performance. Michelle’s academic background in conjunction with her training with the internationally acclaimed Coaches Training Institute has sparked her passion in supporting others in their journey to reveal and embrace rewarding and fulfilling lives.


Additional Training:

Life and Business Coaching (CTI training), “Design 101” (Curriculum Development) Training, “X-Factor” (Facilitator) Training, “Social Styles” Workshop, “Negotiating to Yes” Workshop)




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