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Ottawa, ON, Canada


Culver, PhD

Professional Affiliations:

Associate professor, University of Ottawa; International Council of Coaching Excellence; Association of Applied Sport Psychology



Diane is an associate professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. With a Masters’ in sport psychology and a Ph.D. in Education her domain is sport psychology, and teaching and learning in sport. Her primary interests are in the area of coach and athlete development. Using a person-centred, strengths-based approach she consults with athletes, coaches, and sport organisations facilitating the enhancement of their performance. Diane also assists with the supervision of the Masters’ of Human Kinetics professional program with concentration in intervention and consultation at the University of Ottawa. A past member and coach of the Alpine Canada Alpin Team as well as coach of the New Zealand Olympic Ski Team, Diane has experience with both sides of the coach-athlete relationship. With a research background in social learning theory she also strives for optimal functioning through improved collaboration and communication between athletes, coaches, and the other significant individuals who influence sport performance. Diane has consulted with coaches and athletes in able-bodied sport as well as parasport and Special Olympics.


Additional Training:

Coaching Association of Canada Coach Developer and Evaluator.



English, French

Contact Information

613-562- 5800 ext. 4283

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