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Toronto, ON, Canada


Blacker, PhD(c)

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Mishka is a PhD Candidate at Brock University studying sport psychology. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Ryerson University and an MA in Applied Health Science from Brock University. Mishka has worked with many USport teams (e.g., Hockey, Rugby, Cross Country, Rowing, Volleyball and Curling) and continues to do so alongside her colleagues at Brock. She has also worked with local sport academies, organizations and institutions in the Niagara region. Growing up in Toronto, Mishka competed in many individual and team sports. Both personal and familial competitive sport experiences inspired Mishka’s applied and academic pursuits in performance psychology. While her M.A. work focused on the influence of athletes’ attachment orientation on sport performance, her dissertation focuses on mental toughness development and its impact on perseverance and risk-taking behaviour. Mishka’s philosophy embraces the uniqueness her clients’ personality and the importance of promoting self-awareness and confidence in abilities. She is committed to helping all types of performers identify and achieve their goals, strengthen their mind-body connection, and develop skills that will facilitate optimal performance and well-being. Mishka is open to working performers of all ages


Additional Training:

Mental Health and Addictions Certificate in Psychology, Ryerson University




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