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Vaughan, ON, Canada


Beer, MSc

Professional Affiliations:

Co-Owner Mindset First Mental Health & Performance Inc.



My name is Robert Beer and I am the Co-Owner of Mindset First Mental Health & Performance Inc. Throughout my career as an elite tennis player, I had struggled with various psychological blocks and difficulties. Due to the lack help, I was never quite able to accomplish my biggest goals, and therefore have decided to dedicate my career to helping others. 

I am a former NCAA athlete as well as a Masters Graduate from the University of Portsmouth (England). As a former elite athlete, it has been my personal finding that the psychological aspect of performance is by far the most crucial yet, overlooked pillar of performance. My goal when working with clients is to not only provide and teach the necessary tools, but to also help them improve their overall well being. Happiness and satisfaction is interrelated with performance, and therefore, if we can find the right balance between the two, anything is possible. 

I have, and currently work with athletes of all ages and skill levels ranging from beginner to Olympic and professional athletes. Additionally, I work with athletes ranging from the ages of 10 and up. I truly believe that everyone has the potential to be great! All we need is guidance and support, and with the right combination of the two, no goal is too big. 


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English, Romanian

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