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Toronto, ON, Canada


Battaglia, PhD

Professional Affiliations:



Dr. Anthony Battaglia holds a PhD in Sport Psychology from the University of Toronto. He has advanced knowledge and extensive experience in areas such as the developmental needs of athletes, athlete maltreatment, relational dynamics (e.g., coach-athlete), and performance enhancement. 

As a Mental Performance Consultant, he has worked with athletes, parents, and coaches (recreational-elite levels) in sports such as hockey, gymnastics, golf, track and field, figure skating, and baseball. Dr. Battaglia provides education and training on issues including stress and coping, safe sport, psychosocial development, team cohesion, leadership, motivation, and relaxation techniques. He is accustomed to working closely with diverse stakeholder groups and sport organizations such as the Coaching Association of Canada and Gymnastics Canada on coach education, developmentally appropriate practices, and safe sport. Dr. Battaglia is also a lecturer within the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto.

Informed by his formal education in sport psychology and consulting experiences, Dr. Battaglia understands the qualities, characteristics, and mental skills required for fostering personal and performance excellence in a developmentally appropriate manner.


Additional Training:

Safe Sport Training- Coaching Association of Canada; International Olympic Committee- Safeguarding Athletes Training; Play by the Rules- Harassment and Discrimination Training; Play by the Rules- Child Protection Training; Canadian Centre for Child Protection- Commit to Kids: An Introduction to Safeguarding Children From Sexual Abuse




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