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Thunder Bay, ON, Canada


Alderton, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Aspire Performance Consulting



Nick Alderton consults with athletes in Thunder Bay, ON and across Canada. His background in sport psychology dates back to his youth when he competed in provincial and national golf tournaments. These early competitive sport experiences gave him an interest in understanding the relationship between mental factors and sport performance. Nick completed his Masters degree in Human Kinetics: Sport Psychology, at the University of Ottawa, where he studied under several world-renowned consultants.

Nick has worked with athletes in hockey, basketball, curling, volleyball, golf, and other several other sports. He strongly believes that mental skills are essential for success in any endeavour whether it's sport, business, the performing arts, emergency services, and/or military service. In addition to his consulting practice, Nick works as a Student Success Advisor at Lakehead University, assisting student athletes with academic success skills and strategies and career planning. His clients greatly value his ability to listen, connect, and provide simple and effective strategies to enhance their performance and success.


Additional Training:

AASP course: Biofeedback and Neurofeedback




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