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Vancouver, BC, Canada


Sedgwick, PhD

Professional Affiliations:

Psychologist, UBC Counselling Services, Mental performance lead, UBC Athletics, Mental performance consultant, Swimming Natation Canada



Dr. Whitney Sedgwick is a licensed psychologist at the University of British Columbia’s Counselling Services and the lead Mental performance consultant for UBC varsity athletes. Whitney completed a master’s degree in sport psychology at McGill University and a doctorate in clinical-developmental psychology at Suffolk University in Boston. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UBC School of Human Kinetics and has taught sport science/psychology courses across North America. She’s co-authored a book on mental training for triathletes, a textbook chapter on personality in sport, and 30+ articles in peer-reviewed journals. Whitney has worked as a mental performance consultant for 25 years, with individual and team athletes, including a year at I.N.S.E.P., the French National Sport Institute, in Paris. She was on the Medical Services team at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, has worked for the Canadian Sport Institute, and currently with an NSO providing service to National team athletes/coaches. She’s also a former national-level coxswain in rowing.


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