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Calgary, AB, Canada


Lacoste, PhD(c)

Professional Affiliations:

CMPC, University of Calgary ; Learning Facilitator, Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sports



Elise is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant© and a PhD Student in Sport Psychology at the University of Calgary. Her area of research is mental wellness and performance for varsity athletes. Elise provides team workshops and facilitations, both online and in-person, in addition to 1 on 1 sessions for athletes and coaches who want to learn about the mental side of sports. Elise’s background in teaching allows her to connect with younger athletes and her experience playing at the university level supports her work with young adults, especially those who are training in the varsity environment. Elise has additional insight on the mental side of goaltending, as a past hockey goalie and youth coach. Her counselling philosophy is that mental training can still be fun while being meaningful.


Additional Training:

Teaching License (Alberta & Quebec), Mental Health First Aid



English, French

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